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Peace Corp Reunion in DC

The long-awaited Peace Corps reunion weekend happened a few days ago. This is the 50th year of the Peace Corps and this was the weekend that loads of events took place in DC. My stage (training group) took this opportunity and organized our own reunion on top of it. Somehow, we managed to get people to fly in from all over the country. Nearly 50 people showed up at the … Read more

Peace Corps Turned 50!

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Yesterday was the Peace Corps’ 50th birthday! Celebrations took place around the world – supposedly there were 741 events that took place across 76 countries and all 50 US States! I took part in a house party in London, and it was absolutely marvelous! Since I’ve been back in London, I’ve tried to find other RPCVs, but not too much success. And here at this party, I met over 20 … Read more

27 months of Peace Corps Cameroon

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I’ve been back for 7 months now. The more I try to move on to the new phase of my life, the more I find myself wanting to hold on to my service and share the experience with others. I think it takes being back to really cherish those two years. Everyday, I appreciate that time of my life a little more. So, in honor of this big milestone, I have created a short 5-minute video to sum up my experience. It’s much shorter than the previous one that I posted. That one was much more personal, but this one highlights on the experience.