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Peace Corps

Hawaii Before Africa

I have graduated from college. Those four years went by quickly and is living proof that the next 27 months will go by at an even faster speed. ‘Tis a good thing. Regardless how difficult things may be over the next 27 months, I simply need to think of how quickly the last four years went by, and I shall be okay. I am in Hawaii with the family. The … Read more

Three Weeks!

It is 3am. I have 3 days until I am officially a college graduate, although technically I concluded my undergraduate education at exactly 11:47am, May 12, 2008. I also have three weeks until I embark on an amazing journey to Cameroon! Today I became slightly overwhelmed with all the things and emotions simultaneously happening in my life. I love the crazy madness even though it seems somewhat out-of-control most of … Read more

If you plan to visit, please read!

1. Planning. If you do not already have a passport, obtain a passport application and application instructions from a post office or your travel agent. To apply for a passport, you will need the completed application with two passport photos (with your signature on the back of each photo) and the application fee. 3. Visa. A yellow fever vaccination is required. This immunization must be logged in a World Health … Read more

random thoughts of preparation…

Just had an incredibly intense conversation online with a friend, on the topic of injustice, human rights, and the poor. My mind is still buzzing with thoughts; throat began hurting this evening, I sincerely hope I am not getting sick. That would be the end of my life (not literally). To get my head around what exactly I was debating, I looked up the following term on the Oxford dictionary. … Read more

Peace Corps Packing List

Peace Corps Luggage

Finally, I had the time to compile my own packing list. This is a culmination of the official list and suggestions from other volunteers. If you are a family member or friend who is planning on buying me a graduation/going-away present, feel free to get ideas from my Amazon wish list! This list will be revised several times prior to departure! Comments in red are my thoughts after being in … Read more

Motivation Statement

The following is the essay that accompanied my application. Motivation Statement The Peace Corps has always intrigued me immensely. Over the past year, I have spent many hours researching the organization and gaining an understanding via many Peace Corps Volunteers’ blogs. With each heart-warming story, my passion for the program and its mission grew stronger. As I head toward the next chapter of life, I choose to join the Peace … Read more

Cross-Cultural Experience

My Peace Corps application essay on cross-culture experience. Submitted in September, 2007. Cross-Cultural Experience In July 1998, at age 11, I waved goodbye to my family and all familiarities of life. I grew up in Taiwan where children fantasized over an idealized America: Disney cartoons, life without uniforms and a low-pressured school system. Due to family reasons, I was the “guinea pig” in the immigration process and was sent to … Read more

What the heck does Wendy need?

I don’t NEED anything, but some things are good to have for various reasons. M&Ms (peanut & peanut butter) Chinese ramen & other Asian snacks Non-perishable foods (candy! or any dry goods from Trader Joe’s!) Raisins, jell-o packets, peanut butter (Skippy Extra Chunky), fruit Mentos, trail mix… Gatorade, Crystal Light (or other) single serving powder drink packets Salty Snacks (Cheerio salty mix, Doritos, Flavor Blasted Goldfish, etc.) Dry Parmesan Cheese … Read more

Mailing me stuff? Please read!

Below is the mail suggestions provided by the Peace Corps office. I have also heard that packages marked by red ink, religious writing (draw crosses, write Bible verses and address me as Soeur or Sister), and insurance increase the likelihood of arrival. The insurance is just a few dollars and if you are already sending something, what’s another few bucks to make sure the cookies aren’t being eaten by the … Read more

Peace Corps Applicaiton Timeline

If anyone is curious, this is the timeline of my application process. I was pretty lucky and didn’t face too many difficulties both on the interview/qualification and the medical front! August 27, 2007: Began Application September 8, 2007: Submitted Application September 24, 2007: Interview October 4, 2007: Nomination Sub-Sahara Africa, Business Advising, June 2008 October 6, 2007: Began Medical Clearance Process January 5, 2007: Received Medical Clearance February 9, 2008: … Read more