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Zap Back Into Reality

The only thing about the rain is the higher chances of power disturbances. This past Thursday, a huge storm came through while I was teaching. The class itself was kind of a funny disaster because on top of the fact we were teaching income statement/balance sheet, which no one ever understands, the rain caused loud noises that forced us to divide the class into small groups. Then, the poorly constructed building led to water everywhere. It’s pouring outside, but we were not exactly dry inside. Finally, the rain subsided and Nura and I ended the class. While making our way back to my house, we saw crowds of villagers heading somewhere, and turns out the storm knocked over a power line and caught Charlie’s house on fire…

We got home and were in the process of making hummus when I noticed the fridge wasn’t working. This is when I realize my power regulator box had been fried. Bummer. Later when I attempted to put on some music, I realized the charger to my Macbook is also fried. Blast! I was quite annoyed by these things, but they all eventually worked out. The next day, I went back to Nura’s house and she let me borrow her ghetto fabulous extra macbook charger that someone in this country had made – the Macbook magnetic charger somehow connected to an IBM battery charger. It’s amazing the things people can come up with here. I also made a trip to Bafoussam to buy another regulator, this time twice as powerful,in hope that nothing else gets fried again.

Everything worked out all within 24 hour but it really had me worry for a bit there. So much of my work now depends on the computer. The thought of my computer crashing again scares me to no end. Earlier tonight my computer was acting up and I think my heart stopped for a second. This is what I will not miss about life here – the constant fear that my computer will freak out and there will be very little that I can do about it. When things work, you want them to work better. I was contemplating on upgrading the memory to my laptop to make it work faster. After this exeperience, I am now just focusing on having a computer that simply works and has power source. Perspectives, I tell ya.

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