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Les nouvelles du village

Hello world! Yes, I am still alive and sincere apologies for the lack of updates this past month. The first part of April was occupied with business classes and other projects; the past two weeks, I was in solitude because I had to give the ghetto charger back to Nura (see previous post) and therefore no working computer, thus disconnected from the world.

Life au village continues to treat me quite nicely, although two weeks of solitude made me rather stir crazy and I am glad to finally be in the capital, making my way slowly onto the long-awaited vacation. Last week, my mother reminded me to not go to the wrong airport when I’m in Paris boarding for my flight to Taipei. It occurred to me that it has been exactly four years since I began my travel frenzy; it all began the summer after freshman year in college when I spent the summer in Taiwan/France/Belgium.

If you don’t know the infamous wrong-airport story, it goes something like this in summary: I let my dear friend Jess planned our extra stay in Europe after France. She took care of everything, including taking us to the wrong airport (Orly instead of Beauvais where Ryanair flies). Then told me the train to London is overnight and we wouldn’t need to find a hostel for that night – we got to London at 10pm and right after the ’05 bombing so the transport was chaos. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure, and made a great story to tell. Jess remains a dear friend of mine to this day, and we retell the story every chance we get.

I titled this blog Round II for I felt somehow this experience in the Peace Corps will connect me back to my past. This trip back to the motherland is unexpected, but I think will attribute to me making the linkage between my past, present, and future. Stay tuned to see how the connection unravels!

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