Wanderlust Wendy


All of the rants and discussions about graduate schools lately have left me feeling anxious and out of balance with my village life. When I was randomly searching for Paris and London related blogs, I came across Hungry Yogini, a blog about a young 20something student currently living in Paris. She blogs about food, yoga, and various tidbits of her life. She inspired me to take up yoga again for the Nth time.
I attended my first yoga class during the summer before my freshman year of college. And for the past 5 years or so, I have dabbled in yoga off and on, but never able to really commit to the practice. I really enjoy yoga classes and it’s a nice escape in the midst of stressful life. But, they do get a bit expensive.

I am not sure why, but somehow it never occurred to me to practice it from videos at home. Hungry Yogini suggested a fabulous site, Yogavibes.com that allows people to stream classes from the comfort of their homes. While the country of Cameroon doesn’t provide Internet fast enough for video streaming, I still was able to download a few videos at 10kb/sec speed over many days…

For the past few days, I have consciously dedicated an hour a day to practicing yoga from the video. And already, I see a significant improvement in my mood and an overall state of being. My muscles are sore, but they are that liberating kind of sore. Not the kind of sore that makes you feel like death after running 5 miles or whatever. My thoughts are calmer and more collected. My muscles feel leaner already, and I feel more in tune with life.

Sounds crazy, right? how can a few days of yoga have such transformation? Well, that is the power of yoga. Mind. Body. Spirit.

I am hoping that by writing about my practice periodically here, that I am also on my way to become a yogini!

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