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Cameroon: The Extreme North

I’m in the process of making a slide show with pictures from my two years in Cameroon. I realized I had never written about my trip to the Extreme North. While looking at these pictures, I was amazed at how surreal that trip now feels. It was nearly a year and a half ago, and the vast differences between the North and the South makes that voyage seems like a … Read more

Traveling Blahs

Peace Corps Cameroon Travel

Bientôt, I’ll be in Cameroon for two years. I’ve seen and experienced so much over the past two years that it now takes a lot for me to freak out about something – mice, bugs, obnoxiousness, strange animals being held on the road for sale – you name it, I’ve probably seen it. The one thing, however, that still gets my blood pressure up through the roof is traveling in … Read more


Located in the Southwest region of Cameroon, Limbé is one of my favorite towns in the country, and my preferred beach vacation destination here in Cameroon. After Christmas, I spent a few days there both for business and pleasure. I needed to visit Limbé City Library, one of the participating libraries for the Books For Cameroon project. I thus used this and gave myself a few days of vacation hanging … Read more