Wanderlust Wendy

Addis Ababa

Reality Check

brooklyn bridge, new york city

On my last day in Ethiopia, I was reminded of the frustration of living in a developing country. People’s memories are selective, and often biased towards the positive bits. Two weeks of blissful vacation in Addis and around made me think about this life once again. It’s been so wonderful, but clearly, there is always a downside to everything. The slightest things can set you off when living in the … Read more

Art in Addis Ababa

After sipping coffee on a mountain top, I ventured to Asni Gallery, an art gallery in Addis. This was listed in the guide book as having some interesting art. I thought not much of it, just as something to kill time and to see something different. The entrance fee for the gallery was 1 birr (5 cents), but to take photos, it’s 20 birr ($1). I am not sure how … Read more

Coffee on Entoto Mountain in Addis Ababa

Strong Ethiopian Woman Carrying Wood on Enoto Mountain in Addis Ababa

By my second week in Addis Ababa, I had visited all of the notable museums listed in the Lonely Planet. I wanted something a bit more authentic. So, I hired Million, the taxi driver who is buying a goat for his sister, to drive me up Entoto Mountain – the mountain range just outside of Addis, and supposedly has a great view of the city. Strong Ethiopian Women As we … Read more

Impression of Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

Since I left Cameroon at the end of my Peace Corps service in 2010, I return to the continent for the first time. At the end of 2010, I did take a trip to Tunisia, which is technically in Africa. Though this time, nearly 4 years later, I feel like I’ve returned home. I took Qatar Airways & Emirates from Shanghai via Doha, Dubai, and finally to Addis Ababa, Ethiopian’s … Read more