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First Day!

After more than 24 hours of travel, all 38 of us arrived to Cameroon safe and sound, as did ALL of our luggage. Now, that is a miracle in and of itself. The journey was quite long, but I slept through nearly all of it. When we arrived to the airport, PC Cameroon staffs welcomed us and took care of many logistics, then we were loaded on this gigantic bus on our way to the hotel.

The sun had set when we finally left the airport, so I wasn’t able to see a lot on the 45 min. ride to the hotel. Even so, I extracted bits and pieces of pictures among the darkness. The street was narrow with only two lanes; one going each direction. What I saw reminded me of rural Taiwan. The houses were typical for most warm climate cultures. The stands that people set up to sell various things from coffee to handbags reminded me of my aunt who sells food in stands on the side of the road for tourists. I look forward to seeing more of the city tomorrow when the sun is out!

The hotel is quite nice considering. Compare to the US standards, this would probably equate to a Motel 8 or the like. But I am impressed that the establishment has an elevator, water heater, electricity and window air conditioner unit in all rooms. Not bad at all.

We were briefly introduced to all the technical trainers for different sectors, language trainers and other staffs. They were all Cameroonians welcoming us with great enthusiasm! I can’t wait for the training to begin! For now, I will catch up on beauty sleep. Bonne nuit!

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