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Lesson of the Week

Do Laundry Every Weekend.

I learned this the hard way today. Last weekend, I was lazy and didn’t do laundry since I still had enough clothes to last through this week. The consequence of that behavior was me spending more than 3 hours washing my clothes by hand and having slightly bloody

Did you know your knuckles are very sensitive and they are constantly used? It hurts to do everything tonight. I’ve put off shower until the morning because I refuse to deal with this in cold water. Washing my feet was painful enough. I am so glad I brought that tube of hemp cream.

I also think I will be very sore tomorrow due to this laundry business. Who needs a gym when you have to do laundry by hand. I realize the reason I was so sore after my first run two weeks ago was not because I was out of shape from running, but because I did laundry. Last week, I ran but did no laundry, and wasn’t sore.

The third component of this lesson is that water may run out. I waited until 11am to begin because water was out. This result in my laundry not going on the line until nearly 2pm. My clothes aren’t anywhere near dry. It’s rainy season, so it’ll probably rain unforgivingly tomorrow and I’ll have to rewash my clothes. blast!

Next time you whine about having to “do laundry”, just think about your non-bloody knuckles and get on with life. Also, I have yet written about this: I have to iron everything (yes, including underwear) once they are off the line. Reason? to avoid mango flies from laying eggs and living under my skin. There, another reason for you to love doing laundry. You can do laundry in a machine, protect your knuckles, and be guaranteed to have clean clothes that are dry and soft, and bug-free.

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