Wanderlust Wendy


Under the Tunisian Sun

This week, I escaped London and went to Tunisia to enjoy some warm(er) weather. One of the many perks that comes with attending an international school like the LSE, is that you know people from literally all over the world. My friend Agatha has strong ties in Tunisia and I gladly took up an invitation to visit during our break prior to the holidays. Tunisia is the first Arabic country … Read more

Old Friend in London

Primrose Hill London

This weekend, I had my first visitor in London! Juliette, my French friend who spent the first 6 months of my service in Batié with me, was visiting from Paris. We hadn’t seen each other since she left Cameroon a year and a half ago. As always, it’s amazing to reunite with a good friend after such long time and immediately reconnect. We reminisced our time in Cameroon and this … Read more

Cruising on the Atlantic with Carinal Glory

Carnival Glory Cruise Atlantic

Cruise is a popular way to travel, especial in the USA. Prior to last week, I had never been on a cruise ship nor did I have much desire. However, due to lack of time to plan a proper family vacation, we decided to give this way of travel a shot. The family and I boarded the Carnival Glory departed from Manhattan’s Cruise Terminal and spent a week on the … Read more

Cameroon: The Extreme North

I’m in the process of making a slide show with pictures from my two years in Cameroon. I realized I had never written about my trip to the Extreme North. While looking at these pictures, I was amazed at how surreal that trip now feels. It was nearly a year and a half ago, and the vast differences between the North and the South makes that voyage seems like a … Read more

Stepping Back: London

With my time in the Peace Corps coming to an end, I’ve begun to look forward to the next phase of my life. I’ll be returning to my beloved city of London to pursue a masters program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am so so excited about this new endeavor. While it will be a drastic change from these past two years of living in … Read more

Stepping Back: Paris

Paris, France

Paris, the city of lights. Some claims it as one of the world’s most romantic cities. Exactly a year ago, I had the great pleasure of stopping in on this enchanting city during a layover en route to Taiwan. Since I had been to Paris before, I avoided all touristy activities and simply took in the city for what it was. The weather was surprisingly cold for May and a … Read more

Stepping Back: to Grandmother’s House!

Last summer, I had the chance to revisit my birth country of Taiwan. One of the many stops we made along the island was at the Lee family estate in Ping-Tung (屏東), to visit my amazing 91-year-old grandmother. At 91 and without much formal education, my grandmother still speaks 3 languages – Hakka, Japanese and Taiwanese. I suppose the polyglot gene had to come from somewhere! Fortunately to my grandmother’s … Read more

Returning to the Motherland

brooklyn bridge, new york city

After four years away from Taiwan, I returned to this homeland at last. This family reunion was quite international. I flew from Cameroon via Paris, my sister Sherry flew from Boston where she is going to school, and my parents came from St. Louis where they live. We all met up in the airport in Taipei. I was first to arrive, then few hours later my sister, and finally my … Read more

American Girl in Paris – Part II

My first activity in civilization aside from my latte at Starbucks was a movie in a cinema. The documentary “Lets Make Money” featured quite a few scenes in West Africa and thus provided an interesting contrast and transition for me. After the movie, Gary took me to Le Pain Quotidian for a very Frenchy lunch completed with salad, soup, sandwich, cheese plate and of course, a carafe of wine; and … Read more

American Girl in Paris – Part I

Paris, France

Due to flight schedule to reunite with my family in Taipei, I ended up with a three-day layover in Paris. I know, life is tough. Thanks to my French connection, Gary arranged for me to stay with his friends in the center of Paris for the two nights that I was passing through. When he said the center of Paris, I thought it would simply be Paris proper. But center … Read more