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The LSE!

I received my acceptance to the MPA International Development program at the London School of Economics a few weeks ago! I was also fortunate to receive some GSS (Graduate Support Scheme) money, though a drop in the bucket considering the total cost. Nonetheless, I feel a bit more hopeful.

Still waiting for a decision from Sciences Po Paris, but I have been seriously considering the possibility of being in London again next year. The MPA program would allow me to pursue a dual degree within the GPPN, which I would choose Sciences Po. This way, I get the best of both worlds, albeit with a heftier price tag.

I’ve been gathering opinions and most people are very aware of the LSE reputation, where as I mention Sciences Po, and fewer people know what I am talking about. While prestige isn’t everything, but if it will help me land a better job in the future to pay the mountain of debt that I may end up having, then, it’s prestige I will choose. At some point, you learn that life simply is shallow and unfair that way.

With this in mind, I allowed myself to begin picturing life in London again and this time as a graduate student. I searched the LSE accommodation and found that there is a hall in Butler’s Wharf – an up-and-coming, old-warehouses-turned-chic neighborhood of London that I absolutely adore. The downside is that the building is quite far removed from the central LSE campus at Holborn. But a chance to live in Butler’s Wharf and walk by the Thames everyday would be swell! Oh, the possibilities! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with either institution and cities!

3 thoughts on “The LSE!”

  1. Hey! I think Butler's Wharf is a good place to be, although like you said it's a bit far. You would prob have to get a bus pass since it takes like 45 mins to 1 hour to walk from there to school. I would also think about Bankside which is really nice, and also across the river but a bit closer to school. If you can get Northumberland, I hear it's pretty awesome.
    LSE definitely has a great reputation and I have a friend in that MPA program w/ Sciences Po. You will also not get a better economics education anywhere else. LSE also has one of the best development studies/management departments in the world, in my opinion, so you could def benefit from their classes and offerings.


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