Wanderlust Wendy

The American Party

I spent yet another 4th of July holiday abroad; at least I remembered
this year, that’s more than last year. How could I forget this year?
I am surrounded by Americans! In celebration, we got some ground beef
and made burgers. Siobhan made mine but she was impatient, so ours
weren’t cooked all the way. Luckily, I am not sick, yet.

The Peace Corps experience is a roller-coaster ride, and everyone
goes through crazy mood swings. Yesterday was a perfect example of
that. I was incredibly happy at the party. Great conversations took
place and I felt a true sense of community. I even found great
amusement when the power went our while we were sitting at Chez
Pierre’s and 20 of us were sitting at a “bar” with candle/flashlight.
Somehow, the mood took a drastic deep as I was walking home in the
dark with friends. When I got home, I sat in darkness and silence,
never felt so alone. When the power came back, there was a giant
cockroach crawling around my room. Luckily, I had bought some Raid
when I was at the supermarket and I fought with that sucker for a
while and killed it. For no apparent reason, my irritation
exacerbated. That little stinker aggravated me far more than the dead
mouse I found on my desk a few mornings ago. For the first time since
arrival, I dread the ice cold shower.

A friend told me that in his emails home, he always ends them by
saying, “if you think you know, you don’t know.” The stories I tell
here are words on a page. The incidents are minute part of this
experience. Words cannot accurately capture the feelings, the smell,
the scenery, and the night sky. If I get nothing else out of this
experience, at least now, I know.

Join the conversation. Remember to be kind.