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Cruise Vacation Review: 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruise

In my household, I’m not the only globetrotter in the family. My sister leads an equally unique life. She had met her husband while working on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. My brother-in-law still works on board as a navigation officer. They had a new baby, and we accompanied our six-month-old nephew on his first cruise adventure!  I’m not typically a cruise vacation type of person. Still, after 8 months … Read more

Same Magnitude, Different Results

My heart has been heavy since I learned the news of the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th. The next day, I happened to be in the provincial capital of Bafoussam running various errands. While in the supermarket, news coverage on France24 about the tragic event plastered the display of televisions on sale. The images were shocking. Immediately, my thoughts wandered back to the time when I learned … Read more