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Batié Cameroon

It’s rare these days to receive a hand written letter. Once in a blue moon, I will receive a postcard from a friend traveling. But a legitimate hand-written letter? I haven’t received one of those in a long long while. But today, I received one. It was written in French, from my Cameroonian friend, Victor, who lives in my village. It was, incredible. I left Cameroon two years ago, and … Read more

Batié Cameroon Peace Corps House

Dry Season Horror I’m wrapped in a fleece blanket with a cup of warm jasmine tea by my side. The rainy season has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier. Since around November, I’ve been suffering through the horror that is the dry season. No matter how much I clean, my house is always dirty, as are my feet. The dust is everywhere. It covers everything in the house. If … Read more

Batié, Cameroon, Peace Corps

Time goes by quickly now that I am keeping busy with teaching, spending some time at the bank and continually looking for new work opportunities in the village. Teaching continues to be interesting and challenging. How do I teach these kids to follow the curriculum given to me when they can’t read the alphabet in English and only 4 out of a class of 30-40 have books? I do my … Read more

Today marks the end of first month at post and my first night alone. Kate successfully made it to her post long enough to stay the night today and now I am completely alone. It’s a bit strange, but definitely much needed alone time. Not that I minded Kate’s company, but I was not very productive. I’ve done more today that contribute to my role as an actual PCV than … Read more

Some days, things take place so smoothly much to my surprise; today was one of those days. This morning could have gone like this: I could’ve left my house and not able to find a moto into town and have to walk 30 minutes. Once I reach the Carrefour, I could’ve waited another 30 minutes to find a car to Bandjoun, where I have my French tutoring, and then be … Read more

Batié, Cameroon, Peace Corps

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I spent the day with my people celebrating the holiday. I am now officially more Chinese here in Cameroon than I ever was in the U.S. I don’t remember the last time I celebrated this holiday. When it comes to celebrating, the Chinese loves to incorporate eating. The food (食) and drink (酒) cultures are deeply ingrained. Kate can vouch for that since her stomache has been … Read more