Wanderlust Wendy

Small Luxuries

The one thing I know I will miss when I return to the “real world” is the way I find delight in the most minute details of life here.

My friend Jérémy, the last of the Frenchies in my area, is leaving in a few weeks and he left the village for good a few days ago. Sad times. Saying goodbye really doesn’t get easier. It’s one of the few aspects I dislike about being a globetrotter. I suppose I can’t have my cake and eat it, too. The only good thing that came out of Jérémy’s departure is his gift to me – the antenna for Camtel (Cameroon Telecommunication – my Internet provider). My village is mountainous and my house is situated in this funny dip where I get very little reception. The antenna now provides me with faster Internet – still no DSL or Cable speed, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

Later the same day, Kate came over to print certificates for her business class. Since I am posh corps, I bought myself a printer way back when – so worth it! Especially since the one photocopy place in village doesn’t work more than half of the time. I tried to make copies 4 times last week (still cheaper than printer from printer) and either the electricity was cut, or they ran out of ink, or out of paper, or not open. Absurd.

Anyway, Kate came over and since her village is more like mini-town. I asked her to bring lettuce and cucumber. I still had a package of stove top stuffing left (thanks Megan!), and she brought over instant mashed potato and gravy! To top it off, she also bought two chicken legs from the chicken lady in her town. Yes, we had a faux-Thanksgiving and it was AMAZING. 🙂 Package food from the USA is serious luxury for us volunteers.

The next day, I was still craving salad and by some miracle, there was a mama in town selling them! I was so excited! I hope she doesn’t stop the supply!

It’s the little things that really excite me!

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