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Present Moment. Wonderful Moment.

It occurred to me a few days ago that I only have about 10 months left of service. This was shocking. Suddenly, any lonely feeling or “oh life sucks here” feeling had vanished. All is left is “how is it possible I only have 10 months left?!” panic.

I thought of all the things I still need to accomplish, namely, building 30 libraries. Yikes.

The realization brought on a complete change of attitude. I began to really notice on the minute detail of everyday life here. Each moment is special in its own right. I am constantly thinking to myself, “embrace this moment, because in 10 months, even if I want it, I won’t have this again.”

Some of the amazing moments this week were as follow:

  • I was running on the neighborhood market day and when I ran through, all the mamas waved. After the run, I stopped by to pick up some groceries, and mamas were so happy to see me. One wouldn’t stop talking me in the patois that I don’t understand. I got some extra tomatoes as cadeau.
  • After my class one evening, I went to my fish mama with my tupperware. She got a grilled fish ready to go for me, and some baton de manioc. Mmmm yummy. Then she forgot the onion, so I reminded her. She told me how I’m just like one of them! Fish mama loves the fact I come prepared with a tupperware.
  • Went to the pump by my house to get water after a run one morning, there were kids I don’t recognize pumping water. They are here during the vacation. Little girl called me “la blanche”, so I taught her my name. The boy who’s bigger offered to pump my water and then carried the bucket on his head and brought it to the house.
  • The same little girl came to my house today with her posse. They yelled “Wendy, Wendy” continuously until I came to the door. I was happy she stopped calling me “la blanche”. The kids asked me a million cute questions. Including, “pourquoi tes yeux sont comme ça?” (why are your eyes like that?) “pourquoi t’es blanche comme ça?” (why are you white like that?) “pourquoi tu parles comme les gens sur la télé?” (why do you talk like the people on TV?) They are SO cute. I told them if they are good tomorrow we can have coloring afternoon chez moi.

I am very happy here. Every moment is a wonderful moment.

1 thought on “Present Moment. Wonderful Moment.”

  1. You truly are a very fortunate young American, I someday hope to know that wonderful-moment feeling you speak of.

    And the children sound adorable, they must be such a joy to work with.


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