Wanderlust Wendy

Not Ready to Leave?

After my delightful day in Bafoussam, I had a dream that very night where I was not ready to leave. In the dream, I was not at all packed and was incredibly sad to leave my village and this part of my life behind. I woke up feeling nostalgic of the present. Is that even possible? Can you miss the life that you are still living in?

Ever since I realized that there remain only 10 precious months, I have been incredibly mindful of each and passing moment. I think it’s much easier for one to let life pass by when there is no “end” insight. For the better part of my service, I was so focused on how much more time I have left that each passing day wasn’t all that significant.

Many things are on the agenda for the next 10 months and I am out to make each day count. Recently I’ve decided to apply for graduate schools for my time after the Peace Corps. To craft those perfect admission essays, I’ve been thinking a great deal about my past and my future. In addition to my own experiences, I am relating them to issues that I am passionate about. The process has been an interesting self-reflection. Surprisingly, I am learning a lot about myself just through reflecting. Sometimes, I think we all need to take a minute to think about where we came from and what we have become.

I hope to spend some time in the near future dedicating a few blog posts on my views in the realms of microfinance, international development, social media and the like. Hopefully, there will be time between cramming my brain full of GRE vocabularies, writing personal statements and continuously begging money for my library project. Stay tuned!

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