Wanderlust Wendy

New Ideas!

I feel energized by the conversations that took place this evening among other PCTs. This is one of last free evenings together; starting Thursday, we will be disbursed among host families after training hours. The great conversation began at dinner when the young married couple, Thryn & Gavin discussed a great business idea to me pertaining to non-profits. I told them about my experience with StudioSTL in developing business plan and the social entrepreneurship competition.

The conversation went on when the group moved to the porch/balcony area of our hotel. The two are innovative young artists seeking to integrate current social movements with their artworks. The conversation began with their great idea, and then me giving a small revenue-generating tip to keep the idea sustainable, then to a further elaboration of their idea and where they hope the project to grow.

Among other things, we talked about social evolution (we noticed the large group was migrating into smaller clusters), post-modernist art, the Obama campaign etc. It’s one of those conversations that gets me excited about life and reaffirms my decision to join the Peace Corps. In one week, I’ve already bonded with wonderful people and made connections that may last a lifetime.

Join the conversation. Remember to be kind.