Wanderlust Wendy

Let the Rain Fall

We are most certainly in the midst of the rainy season here in West Cameroon. Today was a perfect rainy season day – the rain was falling ALL DAY LONG. I am not kidding. From the moment I woke up until even now, it’s either pouring or drizzling. So, like any other Peace Corps volunteer who is bien intégré (well integrated), I did not leave the house. What can I say, I take my job seriously in trying to blend in with the culture. And here, on rainy days, people stay home.

I wonder when again for the rest of my life I can say, “I’m just going to stay home today, because it’s rainy.” I bet the folks living in London who are reading this must hate me with a passion. Sorry. I paid my dues. I lived in London, too.

So instead, I baked cookies for 3 hours today with the neighbor kid (the good one who gets water for me everyday, not the jerks that steal from me.) We, or I, went a little crazy and made two double batches. So that is, 4 batches of cookies. The flavors today were: chocolate chip & cinnamon sugar. To my defense, there were a few belated birthdays I want to make cookies for when I return to Yaoundé next week. I have, believe it or not, moved on from my making-elaborate-food-for-no-apparent-reason phase. Probably because I actually have work to do that matters. Thank goodness!

Besides the cookie baking fun, I did do some work on the computer today preparing for the business seminar I am giving and some work for Books For Cameroon. I am not a total slacker. The rain falls, but the work still go on, kind of.

I’ve decided to write a bit more often to capture the simple tasks of my daily life here, instead go disappearing for weeks at a time and bombard you with a vague summary of what I am doing. After all, to be cliché, life is composed of all these insignificant details, n’est-ce pas?

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