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Volunteers for Volunteers

Happy Birthday to moi! Last year yesterday, I submitted my application for the Peace Corps, and a year later, here I am. First birthday in Africa, but completely Chinese style. Thanks to my wonderful Chinese friends and Kate, my would’ve-been-lonely-birthday this year turned out to be quite fun! The morning began with Kate buying a variety of goodies from the boulangerie. Follow by lunch where we had homemade noodle! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen noodles made completely from scratch. I must say, it’s quite impressive.

The festivity continued with a great feast of food. Pictures worth a thousand words, so I’ll let them do the talking.

Me making dumplings!

Kate is becoming quite the chopsticks expert!

Look! how pretty!

My Birthday Feast
everything made from scratch!

My Chinese family in Cameroon

I am really lucky! The first day that I met these great people, Mr. Zhang told us that he admires our work here and while he can’t serve Cameroonians like we do, he will be a “volunteer for volunteers”. Right now, he wins the “Volunteer of the Year” award for volunteers. What a blessing! These next two years would’ve been very different! Low expectations yield high satisfaction. That is going to be my motto for life. I had no expectation for my birthday, or even this Peace Corps thing in general, and now, I can’t be more satisfied.

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