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The Real World?

With one month left to vacation, I’ve been discussing the shock that I am about to endure when I step foot outside of the airport in Paris, then again in Taipei, and repeatedly with each city/village that I visit on the island of Taiwan. These discussions are quite amusing and I thought they are blog-worthy for the readers!

Taking a shower every single day. Sometimes twice a day.

I don’t know what that is like anymore. Last week I was at Kate’s house and she has running water and a cold shower with running water felt amazing. Then I visited my Chinese friend and I took a shower with hot water. I almost melted. Now, imagine having that every single day.

Sit in a restaurant that is shiny and every single item on the menu will be available when you order it.

I made this comparison when I taught the inventory session of my business class and I told my students how bizarre it was in the beginning when stores or restaurants would run out of things. But now, I think I will be amazed when they always have everything.

The choices

Being able to choose from where do you want to have lunch, to where do you want to have coffee, to where do you wan to go shopping, to what kind of things should we buy. OMG the choices!

White/Asian People Everywhere!

Volunteers are just as shocked to see other white people as Cameroonians here. We are just so used to be the only one around. When I get to Paris, I will be shocked by all the white people. Then when I land in Taipei, I will freak out by ALL the Asians! Oh My Goodness.

Constant electricity and high-speed Internet.

I will be amazed that there is ALWAYS power. Always. Even villages in Taiwan where my grandmother lives has constant power. And then, high speed Internet. Where I can type in a web address and doesn’t have to wait for it to load. Or I can open YouTube and have movies play. What?!

The list can go on, but I will let your imagination run wild. I am going to be the strangest person for at least the first week that I am in the civilized world. I feel sorry for friends who are hosting me in Paris and my family during that first week. But I am SO EXCITED!!

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