Wanderlust Wendy


“Training” in Kribi

The reunion with fellow stagemates in the beach town of Kribi was everything expected and much more. This In-Service Training, or IST, marks the end of our first three months at post, which supposedly are the most difficult time due to all the newness and adjustments. But as you know, my first three months were filled with splendid goodness, so ça va aller. It was really great to see everyone … Read more

Steep Learning Curve

I wanted to write a bit about the training and how impressed I am with the Peace Corps, so far. This morning we received our language interview result. I was placed in Intermediate Low. The system is based on the ACTFL guidelines, splitting into four major groups: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior. Within Novice, Intermediate and Advance, the levels are further broken into low, mid, and high. I was quite … Read more