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Four-Part International Wedding Under $8k USD

Today marks one year since Xav and I concluded our around-the-world wedding celebrations. Recently, I’ve heard and read various reports on the ever-growing wedding cost, and the trend of newlyweds going into debt from weddings. This motivated me to share our approach of planning a unique four-part wedding celebration for under $8k.  Disclaimer: This post aims to share what we had done, and it certainly wouldn’t make sense for everyone. Please … Read more

Why I Don’t Budget

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Budgeting, does this word make you cringe when you hear it? I definitely cringe. I get an image of envelopes labelled “grocery”, “gas”, “fun fund”, etc., and comes with them a sleuth of restrictions. I hate budgeting. I’ve told myself I should budget so I know how much money I spend on coffee every month. That has yet to happen, and it probably never will.  Expense Tracking Surely, there has … Read more