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Business Class Round III

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

Apologies for the lack of updates as of late. A lot seems to be going on lately, a lot, for Cameroonian standard. I attempt to think back to 3 weeks before I came to Cameroon, and wonder how I managed to sleep on average 4-6 hours a night, took 18 credit hours of courses, worked 20 hours a week, and volunteered 10 hours a week. I need to somehow try … Read more

Senioritis: Peace Corps Edition

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

Today, at some point during my two-hour business class, the Peace Corps equivalent of senioritis hit me. It must have been the moment when I was teaching the importance of sharing knowledge they’ve acquired with others, since I won’t always be here to teach the classes, and an annoying student who rarely shows up to class loudly shouted, “well you should just get married and stay here.” I looked at … Read more

Jesus Party!

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

The one trait I’ve strengthened during my time in Peace Corps is to think VERY quickly on my feet to accommodate all sorts of unexpected situations. Weeks ago, while preparing to begin my second round of business classes, I got approval from the Secretary General at the Mayor’s Office to use the meeting space. I delivered a protocol letter with exact dates and time. The Mayor signed it. I got … Read more

Business Class: Round II

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

Yesterday began the first session of the business classes in village. I had one heck of a time this time around recruiting students. Perhaps I became too confident and thought word of mouth would do and thus did not attend enough neighborhood meetings. Anyhow, I had only around 15 students during the first class, so I told them if they find someone to sign up for Thursday, I’d pay them … Read more

‘c’est comme ça chez nous’

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

Two weeks ago, I taught a week-long business seminar in Yaoundé, in collaboration with RELUFA, a network aim to reduce poverty in Cameroon. The NGO organized a group of young students who are currently in either high school or university. The seminar is a part of the summer program organized for youth. I had a lot of fun teaching; being the same age as most of these students really help … Read more

Business Class Success!

Peace Corps Cameroon Batié

My first series of business classes came and gone. Thus far, this marks the most concrete and rewarding project I have completed during my service. Since it was the first time for me, it was immensely helpful having Nura, who have taught the class many times, teaching it with me. She guided me through logistics and tips about managing the class. I am very pleased with both the turnout of … Read more