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Shanghai Story

Speak for the Rich; Do for the Poor

I first became involved with the concept of social enterprise back in 2007, when I volunteered with StudioSTL and ended up helping the organization to win some big money at a Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition. Five years later, I find myself in Beijing, attending a forum titled, “First China Impact Investment Forum”, hosted by Avantage Ventures. While at the conference, I was invited to a similar event in Shanghai just … Read more

Shanghai: First Impression

First 24 hours in Shanghai was filled with a lot of walking around in a zombie state due to this jet-lag, and not having had a full night of sleep in nearly 3 days. Even still, it’s been pretty eye-opening. I spent the day mostly within the 1/2 mile radius around where I currently live, in the Jing’an district. It’s an old district turned city center, so it’s an interesting juxtaposition of … Read more

Thoughts from 38,000 feet

Going on hour 10 of this 13-hour flight. It’s been a while since I took a 10+ hour flight. If the bus ride to DC provided ample time to think about my life, this flight took it to the next level. I would guess around 85% of the passengers on this Boeing 777 aircraft are Chinese. I haven’t been surrounded by this many Chinese people since… well, 2009 when I … Read more

Inhale. Exhale. It’s Not Like I’m Moving to Africa Again…

Remember all that zen I had a few days ago? Well, they completely dissipated this morning when I opened my eyes. A stream of thoughts crossed my mind as I gained consciousness, “o.m.g. this is my last day at home.” “o.m.g. I have so much to do still.” “O.M.G. WHY DID I EVER THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA?!?” Yes, I’ve done this before – the whole moving to a … Read more

Final Countdown: 2008 & Now

Yesterday was my 10-day countdown until this next journey begins. People have been asking me how I am feeling, and if I am ready. I don’t really know if there is any way to truly be ready for this – moving to a country that you have never visited and had no idea what you will actually do once you arrive. Wait, I’ve done that already. Out of curiosity on … Read more

Shanghai Calling

I haven’t been this excited, yet simultaneously anxious about anything since I decided to join the Peace Corps. This is the story on how I decided to move to Shanghai on the day that I moved to Washington, DC. A little over a month ago, I decided to move to DC. My reasons were to be closer to a tight-knit group of friends and to career opportunities in international development. … Read more