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Witness Terracotta Soldiers in Xi’an

Terracotta Soldiers in Xi'an, China

One of the most impressive aspects of my trip to Xi’an was witnessing the Terra-Cotta soldiers. I was quite mesmerized by this experience, and thought it deserves a separate post. Most people who’ve seen it says the experience is somewhat overrated, and I certainly can see why this may be. Nevertheless, I found the ancient relics to be most fascinating. Thanks to Lonely Planet’s suggestion, we visited the exhibition halls … Read more

Xi’an Wanderings

Xi'an, China

Last weekend, I took my first overnight train in China to the ancient city of Xi’an. My friend Aly, who has lived in China for 4 years now, is a huge fan of train travel. It was her birthday weekend, and her only request was to take an overnight train somewhere for 14 hours. I happily tagged along. As someone who travels a lot, I am surprisingly lazy when it … Read more

Halloweekend in Moganshan

Moganshan, Hangzhou, China

Every now and again, a weekend trip is necessary for a Shanghai dweller to get some fresh air, to switch up daily routine, and obtain some fuel for the soul. This weekend, I was invited to a trip to Moganshan (莫干山), a popular getaway destination just 3 hours of drive from Shanghai. A girl whom I met recently invited me, and a group of friends from my recent hiking trip … Read more

Danba, China: The Valley of Happiness

Danba Village in Sichuan, China

Life of a globetrotter can be strangely disorienting. One minute, you are in the Tibetan village sharing roads with goats, the next, you are in Shanghai, sharing roads with cars and motorbike drivers who possess severe road rage. We live in the world where we can wake up in one setting and go to sleep in the next. Our minds no longer have the long, grueling journey to process the … Read more

Muddy Road to Heaven: Hiking in Sichuan

Hiking in Sichuan with Yejo Circle

Back in my Peace Corps days, I had the nickname of Posh Corps. Somehow, despite living in a village amidst the mountains of Cameroon, I managed a rather posh life (relatively speaking – Internet connection in a house without running water is pretty posh, no?). It didn’t take me long to acquire a personal moto driver who would come pick me up within minutes’ notice. When my friends talked about … Read more

Lantern Festival at Yuyuan

Lantern Festival was a few weeks ago, but the event was such an interesting part of my China experience thus far, I figured writing about it is a better late than never endeavor. Lantern Festival (元宵节) is something that I vaguely remember celebrating as a child. Mostly, my mother would make delicious 汤圆 (glutton rice balls) and we watched some TV programming. Oh, and we were able to buy cool … Read more

Don’t ask me to lie China

When living in a foreign country, there is a fine line between integrating into a culture, and forgoing one’s integrity. In Cameroon, my rule was to never to pay a bribe, no matter what. After just one month in China, my rule is definitely going to be – never lying to a client, or helping them lie, no matter what. Last night, I watched a special on CCTV covering a … Read more

Getting Lost in Jing’an

Jing'an, Shanghai, China

One of my favorite ways to travel is to walk around aimlessly in a city, alone, without a map, without a destination. But simply being in that place in time and soaking in what the city has to offer. No stress of finding the next monument or restaurant. Just going with the flow. When I get tired, I sit down for a cup of coffee and people watch. Blissful. This … Read more

Beijing: A Chinese Metropolis

Last week, I ventured up to Beijing. My sister has told me that Beijing is much less “livable” than Shanghai, and I was thus eager to find out for myself. Five days later, I was very much glad to be back in Shanghai. Beijing is gigantic, and not for the faint-hearted. I never thought I’d find a city “too big” for me, but Beijing truly was. Everything was bigger, and … Read more

Beijing Bound

Beijing, China

I’ve barely gotten over my jet lag, and I boarded the high-speed rail to Beijing. I arrived in China just in time to attend China’s First Social Investment Forum. Through my LinkedIn network, I was offered a ticket to attend. So, off I go. I took the subway to Shanghai’s Hong-Qiao Station (虹桥车站). There are apparently three major rail stations in the City. Unlike New York or London, Shanghai’s subway … Read more