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Grad School

I’ve always been a terrible procrastinator. In college, the semesters when my grades were less than stellar were the semesters when I didn’t have a sufficient part-time job. I take the free time for granted and I procrastinate. In the end. I don’t accomplish as much. Being busy in a way manages my time for me. There are only so many hours in a day to go around, and when … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Today, I took the plunge and made a final decision on graduate school. I will attend the London School of Economics for the MPA International Development program and pursue a dual degree with Sciences Po Paris the following year. It seems silly to make a decision before I have all the admissions results. Yet, I know what I want. All along, I have been after an European perspective for my … Read more


I received my acceptance to the MPA International Development program at the London School of Economics a few weeks ago! I was also fortunate to receive some GSS (Graduate Support Scheme) money, though a drop in the bucket considering the total cost. Nonetheless, I feel a bit more hopeful. Still waiting for a decision from Sciences Po Paris, but I have been seriously considering the possibility of being in London … Read more

Somehow, the end of January has sneaked upon us. That August 2010 COS (Close-of-Service) date once seemed so far away is now in the not-so-distant future. Usually, people leave a bit earlier, especially those of us that are going on to graduate school. With an end in sight, I’ve been thinking of the next step. With graduate school decisions slowly rolling in, I am faced with some important decisions and … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

Who is richer? A millionaire who has never left the continental U.S.? Or someone of the same age who has just enough money in the bank account for his next trip to his 150th country? With the arrival of the new year, I am becoming ever more anxious with the upcoming decisions of graduate school admissions. Of the three rolling admissions schools, I have only received one acceptance, and agonizingly … Read more

brooklyn bridge, new york city

In the end, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with fellow Peace Corps volunteers. And when I returned, I found my first graduate school acceptance in my inbox! After first deciding to return to grad school after my two years in Africa, I tweaked my decisions a bit and ended up applying to the following programs: London School of Economics (Dual MPA in International Development w/ Science Po)Sciences Po Paris (Masters … Read more

One month after taking the GRE in Cameroon, I was able to find out my scores today via the telephone. I really didn’t intend on re-taking this excruciating test, since the scores I had from the first try were respectable; not fantastic, no, but passable. I suppose I thought I would give it another shot to improve my score. What a bad idea that was. I was never good with … Read more

I have been such a delinquent about this blog as of late. Not exactly sure how, but somehow we are at the end of September. A season in the Northern hemisphere where the leaves change colors, and the temperature turns colder – comfortable days that make do with just a light sweater. Season is similarly changing here in the Southern hemisphere. We have reached the end of the rainy season. … Read more

Lately, I’ve been pondering what my next step will be beyond two years of Peace Corps service here in Cameroon, despite the fact I still have at least 15 months left. What can I say, I am slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to my future. I am known to come up with an outrageous idea about my life, with complete evidence as to why this idea is a great … Read more