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A few days ago, the US Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. The move restored my faith in US politics. It’s also comforting to know that despite politics, the US is capable of moving forward and finally be on par with the rest of the developed world in regard to healthcare.
But then, I read about these people who want to move to Canada because Obamacare is now constitutional… The faith in the USA instantly died a little. Next major agenda really needs to be education…

So for all those who wants to move to Canada, perhaps you should understand what Obamacare is about, and then decide?

If you really can’t be bothered to read, then watch the video. Once you get the facts straight, you will realize Canada is actually not a suitable option. Instead, you may find Haiti, Liberia, or Bangladesh to be more appropriate.

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  1. I completely agree that education is the next big step for well informed and knowledgeable citizens. The trend of "NO" against this health plan pictures the lack of educated citizen.

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