Love. Love. Love.

Last night, I found myself at Lenox Lounge, a jazz club in Harlem. It was a picture perfect New York experience. A down-to-earth space with incredible jazz musicians, a few audiences from the neighborhood that embody Harlem. The five piece jazz band played many classic tunes, sprinkled with a few ballads by Duke Ellington and … Read more

Zenning it out in 2012

A good friend dragged me to yoga this past week as I was struggling to find inner peace. I’ve practiced yoga on and off for many years now, but have resorted to audio and video recordings ever since I moved to Cameroon. I haven’t attended a studio class in well over three years. Yoga in a place like New York city is more of a fad than actual practice. The studios often charge an arm and a leg for classes that I often cannot afford.

Vintage Train on NYC Subway!

This afternoon, on my way home from Trader Joe’s, a strange vintage train approached the 2/3 train platform. I was confused, but people were getting on, so I joined as well. Turns out it’s a train HBO is running on weekends to promote Boardwalk Empire. That is some serious marketing strategy. I know nothing about … Read more