Wanderlust Wendy


Cheapest Michelin-starred Restaurant in the World

I don’t think I’ve yet been to a Michelin-starred restaurant, so when my friend recommended the cheapest one in the world in Hong Kong, it was a no brainer to give it a go. The IFC (super fancy) mall location of the hot spot, Tim Ho Wan (添好運) is rather misleading. I trekked all the way there on foot. Google Map said it was only a 20-minute walk, but it … Read more

Hong Kong at First Sight

I am in Hong Kong this week to take care of some visa business. This is my first time in Hong Kong! From the moment I landed, it felt like a breath of fresh air. I don’t even have problem understanding Chinese, yet it was so nice to be in a place where most people speak English. Everything felt more orderly, and less chaotic. I am staying in the Wanchai … Read more

Fresh Tagaytay Air

My Manila trip back in April wasn’t the highlight of my getaway. As my stay in Shanghai was approaching six months, I was in desperate need of some fresh air! A Twitter friend suggested that I check out Tagaytay, beautiful mountain range just two hours outside of Manila by bus. I wanted nothing but fresh air and a quiet place to read and write. So, I checked myself into a decently … Read more

Manila Madness

First day in Manila, I wandered – my favorite way to travel. I had lunch plans with a Twitter friend, so I had an entirely free morning. Manila is much like Yaoundé – chaotic, loud, and has very clear divide of income level in neighborhoods. It was hot – 90 degrees with heavy humidity that makes it feel like it’s nearly 100 degrees. My path went from the financial district … Read more

Wendy, oh, Like the Burger

A few weeks ago, I hopped on a plane to Manila for a long weekend. Why Manila? Well, for no other reason than it was the cheapest flight out of Shanghai on that particular weekend, as listed on Vayama. So often, the best memories are created out of experiences that you never intended to have. It had been years since I truly traveled alone. In the past few years, I’ve … Read more

Beijing Bound

I’ve barely gotten over my jet leg, and I boarded the high-speed rail to Beijing. I arrived in China just in time to attend China’s First Social Investment Forum. Through my LinkedIn network, I was offered a ticket to attend. So, off I go. I took the subway to Shanghai’s Hong-Qiao Station (虹桥车站). There are apparently three major rail stations in the City. Unlike New York or London, Shanghai’s subway … Read more

Story of a Honduran Girl

During my time in Honduras, I made many new friends; one that made a great deal of impression on me was Marisol. She is my age and acted as our tour guide through the city of El Progreso during our very first day in the country. We talked about the same things that all 25-year-old girl talks about. Her English was fabulous. She asked me if I like going dancing, … Read more

Hola Honduras!

2012 started off pretty rocky for me, and I was going through some annoying quarter-life crisis. I was desperately seeking something that would fuel my soul and lift me out of the funk. When I saw a service trip to Honduras being organized, I rather impulsively signed up. I didn’t really know anyone who was going on the trip. Besides meeting the trip organizer, Justin, briefly at his Super Bowel … Read more

Under the Tunisian Sun

This week, I escaped London and went to Tunisia to enjoy some warm(er) weather. One of the many perks that comes with attending an international school like the LSE, is that you know people from literally all over the world. My friend Agatha has strong ties in Tunisia and I gladly took up an invitation to visit during our break prior to the holidays. Tunisia is the first Arabic country … Read more