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Trans-Siberian Journey Part 4: Ulaanbaatar to Irkutsk

Our train departing from Ulaanbaatar was already at the station when we arrived, but boarding didn’t begin until around 30 minutes before departure. When booking this trip, I booked second class for journeys that are around 24 hours or less, so for this 23-hour leg, we were in second class.  Old World Charm The 305 train is markedly older than our ride from Beijing, but it has that old world … Read more

Trans-Siberian Journey Part 3: 24 hours in Ulaanbaatar

As soon as we got off the train, we felt the breeze of that fresh Mongolian air with a shining sun. We saw a guy holding a sign of our hostel (Zaya Hostel), and walked towards him.  But first, cash. With 3 ATMs in the train station, only one worked with my Charles Schwab VISA card. With 2,000 to one USD, I withdrew 60,000, and it was only $25. To my … Read more

Trans-Siberian Journey Part 2: Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

Goodbye China We arrived at the Beijing Railway Station a whole 90 minutes before departure. The night prior, we had seen long lines at the square, where people were getting into the station, and feared the same. Turns out, at 5:30am, while still a lot of people, the lines were short.  Upon entering the station, I was immediately impressed by the Russian architecture. I seem to have traveled back in … Read more

Trans-Siberian Journey Part 1: Shanghai to Beijing

The day has finally come to begin our grand goodbye tour! The first leg from Shanghai to Beijing was fairly ordinary. We took the high speed rail from Shanghai Hongqiao to Beijing South station. I’ve taken this journey several times throughout my time in China, but this time would be without a return ticket.  As usual, I purchased all the train tickets within China on Ctrip.com, and picked up the … Read more

Trans-Siberian Journey: Pre-departure

Several months ago, itching for an adventure, I had this idea that we should return to France this summer on the train. After watching/reading YouTube Vlogger, Kara & Nate’s detailed documentation of their own Trans-Siberian journey, the idea was firmly rooted.  This grand voyage, consists of 12 different train rides from Shanghai to Strasbourg, became our goodbye tour as we bid farewell to our life in Shanghai.  We needed to … Read more

Birthday Cleanse: Yoga Detox Retreat in Kerala, India

The sanctuary where we practiced many hours of yoga, meditation, and relaxation. On the start of a new journey, each day is filled with incredible newness. When a day goes by, it feels as though a week has passed. My 30s has been this way thus far. Several months ago, I felt my life was losing direction. The corporate grind and the comfortable Shanghai life bored me. I needed clarity, … Read more

Icy Winter Wonderland

Every winter, I see the famous Snow and Ice Festival on my social media timeline from friends whom live in China. I am not one for crowded tourist attractions, and never quite feel the crowd is worth whatever amazing thing one is meant to see. Yet, when my friend Jen asked if I want to check out Harbin for the weekend, I agreed. Don’t knock it until you try it, … Read more

Year-end in Yangshuo

  2014 had been a very busy year. Few weeks ago, when Ctrip had round-trip flights from Shanghai to Guilin for 789 RMB all-inclusive. I booked it. I had booked the trip rather spontaneously, and decided a trip alone to reflect was the best way to end and begin a year. After speaking to a few friends, it was evident that I should spend my time in Yangshuo. A quick … Read more

California Surprises

Last year, during my trip to Cali, I discovered my love for mountains. I love the surprises that the mountain tops reveal after a good climb. After being trapped in the concrete jungle of Shanghai for the past few months, I was dying for a good climb. This afternoon, my sister and I got in a car and headed for the Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We had read somewhere that there is a hike with waterfalls!

Read moreCalifornia Surprises