Projects! Funding! Help!

Recently, I’ve came across different projects that require funding. While there are thousands of NGOs and foundations out there waiting to give out money, the process can take forever. Instead, I would like your support. $5 for you is a Starbucks latte, and if 10 people give up one Starbucks latte, I can buy a water filter for the primary school I teach at. That’s one simple case, and there are others. You can begin to support my projects by clicking on the Paypal Donation link. Feel free to give your $5 (or more!) and leave me a message if there is a specific project you would like to help, or just for the general fund. 

In addition, if you know of any foundations/NGOs that are seeking projects to fund, please let me know! I will dedicate a part of my blog to my projects, update pictures and status as they roll along! Check back often for progress! Many thanks in advance. 

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