Long Locks - Gone.

This afternoon, I had coffee with Jess, had lunch with Dr. C, had a pedicure with Jess (Chris said, "you will be the only person with pedicured toes in Africa), and had 8 inches of my hair cut off. It is official. The last time I had hair that short was probably 6th grade? can't remember. This is a big deal. I love my long hair. This may be a bigger deal than moving to Africa. I've moved to different countries more times than I had my hair cut this short. This is for my own good. When I am in the midst of Cameroon heat, I will be glad my bed of hair is gone. The fact I will use less shampoo also ensures my good stuff will last longer in Africa.

Okay, if you know me you know I am not that superficial. But, just because you are serving in the Peace Corps doesn't mean you have to be ugly. That is my philosophy.

I have things all over my bedroom floor, hence not packed. I don't actually know what all the paperwork are that I must complete. I still have to move furniture back home. There are friends I still want to see, things I still want/need to take care of before I leave in ... 4 days. Yet, I am nonchalant 85% of the time. There is one moment per day when I feel like I am going to freak out, but that never lasts long. I have come a long way from the person with anxiety attacks.

One day at a time. Live in the moment. That is all.