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Classroom For Cameroon

After a month of bugging everyone I know on Twitter/Facebook/Email begging money to fund Books For Cameroon, my friend Colleen gave me a brilliant idea to incorporate classroom teaching into the fundraising. I took to the idea immediately since it encompasses the third goal of Peace Corps: Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

Ladies and gents, I present to you: Classroom For Cameroon

  • Who? Students and Teachers in grades K-12 all around the USA!
  • What? Month-long activity for kids to discover Cameroon, Africa, and the Peace Corps. Meanwhile, students will collaborate to create fundraising activities to help kids in Cameroon to have libraries!
  • Where? Classrooms all around the USA!
  • When? The months of September, 2009
  • How? Each week, teachers and group leaders will spend some time to help students answer the week’s topic question. The method of teaching is free for each teacher to decide. Below are some suggested links and resources. The fund-raising effort will begin on September 1st. Each Friday, each group will submit their progress to be posted on the Cash For Cameroon honor roll! Schools raise more than $500 will be mentioned in the press release at the end of the project!

Resources for elementary school teachers (grades K- 5)
Resources for middle school teachers (grades 6-8)
Resources for high school teachers (grades 9-12)

Some Fundraising Ideas
– Lemonade stands
– Bake sales
– Car wash
– Local restaurant night (donation are tax deductible!)
– Change jars (Penny War)
– Benefit concerts (local bands)

Please feel free to leave comments of any other resource materials & fundraising ideas!

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